Earth Engineers, Inc. provides the following geotechnical services:

  • Preliminary Geotechnical Assessment

For a residential, commercial or industrial property prior to purchasing the property to assist with go-no go decision making

  • Site Specific Seismic Studies

Including evaluation of ground shaking, fault rupture, liquefaction, lateral spread, tsunami and seiche hazards


  • Design-Level Geotechnical Assessment

To assist the Architect, Civil Engineer and Structural Engineer in completing the design of your project

  • Geologic Hazard and Geologic Assessment Reports

As required by a number of local cities and counties
including Longview, Kelso, Cowlitz County, Skamania County, and Tillamook County

  • Retaining Wall Design

Including segmental block walls, boulder walls, MSE walls, gabion basket walls, cantilevered pile walls, and tieback shotcrete walls

  • Deep Foundation Design

Including pin piles, driven steel pipe and H-Piles, driven grout piles, auger cast piles, auger cast displacement piles, and drilled piers

  • Shoring Design
Including sheet pile walls and cantilevered pile walls
  • Ground Improvement

Recommendations, including Geopiers, surcharging, preloading, deep dynamic compaction, and stone columns

  • Concrete and Asphalt Pavement Design


  • Laboratory Testing

  • Existing Pavement Evaluation

  • Slope Stability Evaluation and Landslide Repair Design

  • Expert Witness and Peer Review Services
  • Geotechnical Construction Inspection 
  • In-situ Soil Infiltration Testing

For design of stormwater disposal systems including falling head and double-ring infiltrometer test methods

  • Deep Foundation Load Testing

  • Electrical Resistivity Testing

For design of grounding systems for communication towers and other sensitive facilities


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